DAV Public School

Kaimri Road Hisar, Haryana - 125001

Vision and Mission  

The sole purpose of laying the foundation of  D.A.V. Public School, Kaimiri Road, Hisar was to provide an amicable environment to the youngsters, to develop their personalities and to teach them not only the three R’s but also the true philosophy of life. The school has been founded on the munificent idea of providing a balanced mix of Anglican and Vedic education.The combination of western education with the vedic one has resulted in a curriculum which prepares our children to face the challenges of the modern world and at the same time remain attached to their roots. As mandated by CBSE our school has been providing holistic development to our students who are the biggest stakeholders in the present scenario. Our school is controlled directly by the DAV College Managing Committee, New Delhi which is a pioneer in the field of education with a large number of schools and colleges in India and abroad under its flagship.We are committed to enshrine the principles of Vedas into the young hearts to enable them to be the harbingers of a new era in the country. There is a keen focus on developing the life skills in the students which teach them empathy, sympathy, critical thinking, self awareness, effective communication and a lot more. All this goes a long way in developing the personality of an individual. Participation in competitions at various levels, Olympiads and other events gives our students a portal to exhibit their talent. Our students have been the recipients of several national level awards and have brought laurels to the school at all levels of participation. As far as the curriculum is concerned it is in strict lines with the CBSE and DAV rules. A three language system is followed wherein every child reads English, Hindi and Sanskrit up to class VIII. For classes I to VIII the CCE pattern is followed. Our mission at D.A.V. Public School, Kaimiri Road, Hisar is to prepare the future nation builders and all efforts are directed to prepare confident, competent and proficient individuals into whose hands the reins of our country is going to be in the future. Thus, we work with a blended philosophy of the East and the West and by picking the best of the two a paradigm has been created to fulfill our mission. It is the earnest endeavor of the management and teaching staff to raise the bar of academic excellence in tune with the ethics and values deeply rooted in our culture and conventions. We are constantly conscious of the fact that new challenges and horizons are ahead of us but we are quietly confident of being able to tap our reservoirs of strength, resources and potential to meet the new challenges. We anticipate that our efforts in providing holistic education to our students shall be bettered with the latest advancements and we shall reign as pioneers in the field of education.


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DAV Public School

Kaimri Road Hisar,
Near Railway Crossing,
Hisar - 125001, Haryana
Phone: 01662-242926
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Website: davkaimrihsr.org

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